Company Information

The Progressive Group prides itself in offering business management services and livestock production expertise to select businesses like yours and providing you with the tools you’ll need to enhance your profitability. Our service platform offers you access to Human Resource specialists, payroll, pension, & benefit administration, biological expertise including veterinary services, performance benchmarking with data management, and industry and business management consultation.

The management team of the Progressive Group has over 45 years of operational and management experience in livestock production. Through successful partnerships and equity investments in agriculture and manufacturing we have gained tremendous insight into the specifics of day to day management needs. In fact, ongoing consideration and due diligence is given to new business opportunities with the possibility of equity investment every day.

Since experience is nothing without success, the Progressive Group has worked hard to achieve a proven track record in establishing, growing, and managing large scale swine production models for its clients. By combining the areas of General Management, business development and feed manufacturing/supply we have developed the largest and most successful production model of its kind in Canada.

Rest assured that we’ll leverage every partnership we have, every bit of that insight and every ounce of our experience to help you manage and grow your business.

As management of The Progressive Group, our very reputation rests on the demonstrated service we provide to you, our client and we are absolutely committed to the industries we support.

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