Advisory: PEDv present at high pig-traffic areas in Manitoba

Friday Mar 14 2014


Since the beginning of February, the provincial department of agriculture has been conducting surveillance for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) at high pig-traffic facilities, including assembly yards, federal packing plants and provincial abattoirs. The program uses environmental samples to detect exposure to the PED virus. Two sets of samples that were linked to each other have recently been confirmed positive for the PED virus. Producers should treat high contact areas such as loading docks, alley ways and stock trailers associated with these facilities as exposed to PEDv. No new cases have been found on farms.
While many facilities have implemented significant biosecurity steps to limit the spread of PEDv, the risk is still present and producers who deliver pigs to these facilities must take extra steps to ensure they don’t bring the virus back to their farms. We continue to encourage all transporters to properly wash and disinfect their trailers after returning from the U.S. or from premises that frequently ship to the U.S.

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